About Us

Just as the majority of people residing throughout the country, I am a dog lover. In fact, I would definitely consider myself a dog person as I rarely had other animals even growing up. My love of dogs extends past most people’s though as I never wanted to only have a single family dog. I wanted to raise them from a young age and provide other people with the same joy I initially got to experience upon getting my first dog. That is how I originally got into breeding. I started it as just a hobby to be around more dogs and get a feel for how it was done. After a successful time doing it as a side job, I decided to make this my full time job. I love having the opportunity to watch the dogs being born and helping them get a feel for the world throughout the first few weeks. I can’t explain how truly touched I am to provide a family with children their first dog. The smiles on everyone’s faces will never get old to me. There are a number of breeders throughout the U.S. although many don’t put as much heart into it as I do. If you are interested in learning more about my services as a breeder or to see the dogs I have for sale right now, please feel free to contact me.